After Four Years in Baluran

It has been four years and they have been thousands frames to capture bird photos in gigabytes of memory. After it all, one of the most interesting bird species of Baluran has been well captured. Rhinoceros Hornbill Buceros rhinoceros, maybe the largest arboreal bird in Greater Sundas, recaptured after more than a year missed in Baluran. Now, not only him but his nest as well. Worth it then I say it’s become the best day of my life. Finally. Continue reading “After Four Years in Baluran”


The Story of the Red-eyed Black Birds

To found this bird wasn’t my expectation. First, it’s a rare species in Baluran. Secondly, I’ve lost time a lot with no bird pictures on my frames, I almost forget how to photograph a birds. When I talk about to capture him, there will be thirdly which has a worst weather: cloud and windy. Yes, I met them with all completely limited matters. The only things I must say thanks to God are the new both EOS 7D and the god damned EF 400 mm f/2.8 IS USM. And I don’t wanna talk about those great shits. Just great!

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Banyak Bekerja, Banyak Bicara

Saya selalu heran setiap kali mendengar jawaban adik-adik kelas saya semasa kuliah saat ditanya, “Kenapa kalian masuk kehutanan?” lalu dijawab dengan agak-agak bingung juga, “Ingin menyelamatkan hutan!” ada juga yang menjawab dengan redaksi berbeda, “Ingin menjadi seorang conservasionist!” Mungkin jika pertanyaan itu dilayangkan kepada saya 13 tahun yang lalu, jawaban sama yang mungkin saya berikan. Hutan adalah tempat terindah di muka bumi. Hutan menjadi salah satu faktor paling penting terhadap kehidupan semua organisme di planet ini. Termasuk manusia! Tapi bukan berarti bekerja di hutan, apalagi menyelamatkannya adalah perkara mudah apalagi menyenangkan. Continue reading “Banyak Bekerja, Banyak Bicara”

One New Bird Species Added to Baluran’s Checklist

I knew it should be many migrant birds in Baluran. Three raptors, passerines and water birds. They should be here in each migratory season. Since we agreed to include preliminary records from 1948 until before 2005, Baluran has 225 species. Hoogerwerf contributed his record in 1948 and 1972, McKinnon in 1993, B. van Ballen But who we don’t exactly what year the records came from then official record of Baluran NP in 2005-2011.

But the fact is Baluran, with all of its kinds of habitat, has a lack migrant species diversity. I don’t know what the matters really are. There are only five species of raptors, and ‘only’ 19 species of water birds. It seems like that very long of shore line of the park doesn’t give any guarantee to provoke water bird to visit, even stop by. Though if they came by, it’s always in small numbers. Continue reading “One New Bird Species Added to Baluran’s Checklist”