One New Bird Species Added to Baluran’s Checklist

I knew it should be many migrant birds in Baluran. Three raptors, passerines and water birds. They should be here in each migratory season. Since we agreed to include preliminary records from 1948 until before 2005, Baluran has 225 species. Hoogerwerf contributed his record in 1948 and 1972, McKinnon in 1993, B. van Ballen But who we don’t exactly what year the records came from then official record of Baluran NP in 2005-2011.

But the fact is Baluran, with all of its kinds of habitat, has a lack migrant species diversity. I don’t know what the matters really are. There are only five species of raptors, and ‘only’ 19 species of water birds. It seems like that very long of shore line of the park doesn’t give any guarantee to provoke water bird to visit, even stop by. Though if they came by, it’s always in small numbers.

Then we got the newest visitor here, Oriental Pratincole Glareola maldivarum. This latter species has been added to the Baluran’s list last two week ago. As a migrant shorebirds, this species should come in a large flock. But we got an anomaly here, again! The bird has always been seen in a single individual for two week observation! On Bekol savanna, in the afternoon, along Bekol-Bama path. Can anyone give a simple explanation, why it’s happen?

However, the bird completes the checklist of Baluran to 226. And of course we got a good pictures, just like -almost- always hehehe…

5 thoughts on “One New Bird Species Added to Baluran’s Checklist

  1. tanya kenapa?… ra dong juga e dab,.. wkwkwkwk,.. But, congratuation for the new species you found at your place,.. Observation and Monitoring during the seasons it will be important to know “whats happen” ?,..

    weh,.. keminggris tenan cuk,..
    **iyo, saiki pengamat manuk indonesia do kemenyek, ngomonge keminggris kabeh.
    Yes, sir! ready doing what mister speak to me. because mister is expert of the part of the bird, so I will follow. but i’m sleeping ago, because finish sleepy. my body is not delicious, enter the wind like-nya. ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. Beberapa ahli menyebut dalam kelompok “Grassland Shorebird”. Nah lo, burung pantai atau burung padang rumput? Flock terbanyak memang di daerah grassland, sawah baru diolah, tepi pantai, tapi yang jelas sangat menyukai ketiga kawasan itu (atau yang lain), asal ada koloni serangga (terutama belalang).
    **jadi kalo dia ditemukan di savana masih masuk akal ya gan. nah masalahnya dia itu cuma sendirian. dewe ple gak ono kancane. gak kayak perilaku umumnya ๐Ÿ˜€


  3. slulup terus ae, manuke Baluran ben liyane dulu yg ngurusi.. hehehehehehe… itu underwater world ndang digawe bukune sisan ndan; seingetku durung ono orang Indonesia yg nggawe buku biodiversitas ekosistem terumbu karang.

    **hehehe… la piye, iso mbantu ga ndan?


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