The Story of the Red-eyed Black Birds

To found this bird wasn’t my expectation. First, it’s a rare species in Baluran. Secondly, I’ve lost time a lot with no bird pictures on my frames, I almost forget how to photograph a birds. When I talk about to capture him, there will be thirdly which has a worst weather: cloud and windy. Yes, I met them with all completely limited matters. The only things I must say thanks to God are the new both EOS 7D and the god damned EF 400 mm f/2.8 IS USM. And I don’t wanna talk about those great shits. Just great!

Red-eyed Black Birds or Asian Glossy Starling (Aplonis panayensis) is a member of Sturnidae family (Starlings). All starlings mainly feed fruits from a wide variety of trees, also eat insects and drink nectar. They are highly gregarious. Live in high number roost even to thousands. This species is quite different with another starlings which hasn’t iridescent plumage. Only greenish-black and red eyes.

Starlings build their cup-shaped nest inside the tree hole mainly. Sometimes top of the palms crowns, under the eaves of house or even holes on cliff. And that was where the story began.

I didn’t realize that the dead tree on HM-54 Batangan-Bekol, Baluran NP, way has a big thing for every bird photographer: a nest! As I always pass this way, it has never been my attention. Just a dead dry tree. Then it was a strange bird sung up on it when I walked with my wife through the path yesterday. Looked like a chick voice. Until I saw something black on top of dry tree. A black bird with red eyes. Yes, it’s starling. Asian Glossy Starling.

I needed to get closer to make sure I get the best photo. And it’s really unexpected that they didn’t disturbed with my presence. They just flew away to nearest tree of flew around then back again to that tree. It always was, when they didn’t comfort with my photographer movements, they will flew away then get back soon. Yes, it’s predictable that there is a hole nest inside. I don’t know whether they already rise their chick, build a nest or brood their eggs. And I don’t need to know for now. I just want to capture them with my brilliant machines.

And here I present you the photo story of the Red-eyed Black Birds.

7 thoughts on “The Story of the Red-eyed Black Birds

  1. halloo mas salam kenal,..saya siska, rencananya saya mau ke baluran. Bagaimana caranya yah mas menuju baluran dari bromo.. 🙂 ? boleh saya minta email mas, jd bisa contact mas.
    **hi mbak siska. kl dari bromo, transitnya di terminal probolinggo. trus naik bis jurusan banyuwangi yg lewat situbondo. jgn sampe salah yg lewat jember lo ya. setelah.lewat situbondo, 1,5 jm lagi turun di Batangan. itu pas di depam gerbang baluran. email saya:


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