Some of Unidentified Marine Organisms of Baluran #1

I say “some” just because it supposed to be many more than this. However, marine living things are well unknown for common people. Even they are already well described, we still have one problem that is a lack of information or literates. The world under the sea still a mysterious place on this planet.

Every time we (I and my buddy) get dive, every time I saw a weird living things, at least I’ve never seen before. A big worm-like with mouth or teeth or I don’t know which like a monster. Fern-like things with poisonous “leaves”. A flower-like worms. Walking (not swimming) frogfish. Big huge caterpillar-like eats corals. Colorful flatworms or similar with. Stone-like ugly fish. And many more I can’t even remember.

Our regular dive sites: Bama, Kalitopo and Balanan coast are amazing places with quite different characterizes. Bama with compact hard corals is a great place to find big shy fishes which are prefer under the corals shadow. Kalitopo with medium deep water has a high diversity of soft coral and sponges. It’s a good place to find much coral fishes too. And Balanan is the most awesome place under 18 meter deep with “gardenuous” corals. Sea fan, sea lilies or another organism with brilliant colors are too easy to see. But the main problem is still they are such of resident UFO.

Well, I’m sure there will be more “unidentified” pictures from Baluran underwater captures.  Anyway, I have 500Gb storage space in my notebook and four external HDD. Underwater camera with 8 Gb memory. Anytime dive equipment usage of Baluran NP’s and thousands hectares misterous sea with thousands god damned weird living things inhabit inside. Then let me introduce to you, a new wildlife photography sect: Unidentified Wildlife Photography! hohohohoho…

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