Blambangan Peninsula, What the Hell(s)?

It is my second visit to Alas Purwo National Park since 2004. Alas Purwo NP (APNP) is the nearest national park from Baluran NP, though it doesn’t mean I got there at any time I want. I thought Ijen crater more interesting to be a photograph spot for both wildlife (birds) and landscape. Ijen, with the mountainous rain forest was supposed to be the greatest place for any bird photographers, and the view of the crater could be more beautiful than any, even Bromo! So, I went  to Ijen more frequently was reasonable, wasn’t it?

But, at least, until yesterday, seemed like that I’d been wrong. 2 days trip in APNP was enough to made a proof  that this place is absolutely the best place as bird photographing or birdwatching as well. With 227 list of bird species by Grantham (2000), APWP is one of the best of the rest of lowland rain forest in Java. Continue reading “Blambangan Peninsula, What the Hell(s)?”


Finally, the Dwarf Kingfisher of Baluran

It has been 2011 since I targeting this bird in Baluran. It was 2nd Annual Baluran-PLN Birding Competition event when the bird was sighted for the first time. And what is the interesting thing of its first record? There were two bules who has it! They were the abroad participants of the event. They came from Czech Republic. Pter Karmizec and Katerina Parakova.

So, where I been for these long time then even bule who must found it? Continue reading “Finally, the Dwarf Kingfisher of Baluran”