Comments to A Thousand

Finally, it’s a thousand comments of this blog. Or a thousand and nine when I write this post. Thousand in my country culture means very much, a lot of things. I don’t how much angel work behind the God, but my mom always said “it’s thousands!” Thousand give me a  meaning that one step ahead has done. And there are I don’t know how much steps more of my life have to be done? Ok, no more bullshit, leave these philosophical words. Let’s talk about number and facts behind this a thousand comments:

1. Baluran and Me has 5 years old since it been published in 2008 with 152 post contained. It was “Akhirnya Datang Juga” the first posting in this blog. It talked about Striated Grassbird (Megalurus palustris), the bird which was always hard to be photographed. And as the old spirit of Baluran and Me, all photos were taken by digiscoping technique.
2. You know what? The first month I publish the blog in March 2008, it just been hit by one on that month! And now, 5 years and 4 months later, the blog successfully viewed by 8.037 in July or 155.229 views in total! I don’t want to talk about accomplishment but let me tell you that everything needs process, everything takes time, and, of course with a bit tips.
2. I should say a lot of thanks to both kawan bro Asman Adi and Imam Taufiqurrahman who has brought 94 and 53 visitor through their personal web address to this blog. And that is the two highest number among other bloggers! Of course I don’t want compare them with Google which brought more than 15 thousands klikkers! And they also made a hit as the most commenter with their 109 and 64 comments! I owe you very much bruvs.
A simple question: why both of their blog became two higher referrers among others? It’s simple, because we’re talking a same thing: bird! I mean, make a small blogger community with a particular interest is better than stand alone with all unlimited cost.
3. Baluran and Me might be successfully being Baluran gate for internet users as they need to know about the park. At least there are 798 users got into the blog with search term of “baluran”. It is the second term above “encrypted search term”. And 158 users have used “Taman Nasional Baluran” term. Well, it looks that the park official must pay me more hehehe… The rest of terms have been used are about birds, of course, most of photos and articles in this blog were been talking about bird.
What does it mean? That your blog must have a “brand”! A marketable brand or even unique! Of course I didn’t mean to ask you to be a photographer, journalist, screenwriter, business man, a chef, musician or any else. You are you, your blog is your manifestation. But still, there is a thing deep inside you that you want to be! And that’s your brand!
4. Now about post views. As it should to be, “Home page” and “Home” make their score. Then “Bird” bellow, and followed by “Peta Interaktif “Jogja Bird Map”” and “Srigunting Hitam”. “Home page” is default front page, but I modified it then to be “Home” with customize layout and definitively manual operating to updat. Both of these page contribute 27.026 views. “Bird” is a page for containing my bird photo. I don’t remember how much photo hosted inside there, but the fact of this page successfully contribute 3.254 views!
A bit interesting are “Peta Interaktif “Jogja Bird Map”” and “Srigunting Hitam”. What’s the special with these posts then they have made top five score? Search terms using “peta jogja flash” and “burung srigunting” also brought the biggest five visitor numbers which came to the blog! Is the map so needed? What for? Then srigunting, does it mean that this bird start to be a new idol for the fucking bird fancier? If it does, how poor you sweety :(.

Finally, I’d like to say thanks a mega tons for all of my friends, visitors, followers, field partner and my wife that has helped me to build this simple blog to be as you see now. Of course it’s not the finish ribbon, even it’s a start line to make something much better. Once again, to my best virtual mates, masbro Asman and IT, you are the best wes pokoke! I pray to God, wish you guys blessed by His most beautiful woman as your wife of your life. Amiin. Please don’t fingering yourself again :D.

And to my beloved wife, this achievement, four meaningful digit let me present to you :D.

Selamat puasa hari ke 16…

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