After First Rain feat. Blood Lily [photo essay]


Blood Lily  (Haemanthus muftiflorus) has been my curiosity object of photography since I realized it always bloom in the end of every year. When the reds blossom, they mean there will be a rain, the first rain in Baluran mostly. Once I took the picture then I realized it’s not as easy as it seem. Red-crowned spherical flower looked very nice shape as my camera took the scene. But when I came into micro perspective then I found it’s too hard to put the point of view. They are all same red, same yellow stamens and crowd!

Bunga Desember as Indonesian call it is not always rise in December. But she be still there until the first rain falls. Here I find new perspective how to capture this curious beauty. The droplet of the water help me. Wait for late afternoon or early morning still the best time to capture everything. And if you can’t climb high to get amazing angle then try to lay down to find another one. Play your aperture and shutter speed then you will meet another sweet features of December. After the first rain of Baluran.













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