Month: September 2013

Birds of Baluran National Park, Ebook Edition

Well, finally I can configure how to export a multi-files of CDR into a single PDF file ! Since the book of Birds of Baluran National Park was published in early 2011 I’ve been always wanted to make it in ebook version. And yes, it always failed. But never mind, I don’t want to talk about how  Adobe’s magic did it to my book. Why do I make it as a digital book? It’s very simple. First, now we live in the binary world. Everything gone digital. People pay their expenses without any piece of penny. Kids no longer need backyard to play a war game, just a pair of joystick then they are a Ramboo. And we no need bring super heavy dictionary book when you travel around the world, just turn your internet on and let Google does the rest. (more…)