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Tiny Things Under The Deep Blue Baluran Sea

I thought it would be easy to find and take a pictures of my most favorite marine organism: Nudibranch.  They have both brilliant colors and forms which should be easily caught by my eyes sight. As a mollusc member they don’t have any swiftly movements. Only crawling with their membrane-like foot or Javanese said: slow but sure (nggremet). Well, it was expected very easy to take some photo scenes. I said to my best dive buddy ever, Ferdy the Waterproof Man, “There will be a book of Nudibranch of Baluran soon.”

But it’s all just not as I expected as they should be. They are very god damned small! And this is under the sea brur! A place where we have no longer ability to do something more. No legs to walk, no speed to run and no lips to laugh! Hayo jajalo ngguyu karo nyelem! It means much easier to find Tumo on your head than caught any Nudibranch in their own habitat. We aren’t the ruler there, we’re a visitor, a foreigner.